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Let’s go! Andiamo! Don’t miss COVER magazine’s Forza Tappeti: the Rug Revolution exhibition at the entrance to designjunction’s EDIT at La Pelota during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano. A selection of the designers featured in Forza Tappeti include Christopher Farr and CC-Tapis plus:

Shimmering Spring by Zollanvari

Shimmering Spring by Zollanvari


Grace by Tissage


Alasht by Edelgrund

Fish Scales by Deirdre Dyson

Fish Scales by Deirdre Dyson


Announced Sunday at DOMOTEX 2013, we congratulate the winners of the international 2013 Carpet Design Awards:

W Studio Deirdre Dyson

W Mod Standard Choudhary

W Mod Superior Wool & Silk

W Mod Deluxe Teppiche

W Trad Nomad WW

W Trad Workshop Amadi

W Old Antique Mollaian

W Collection Wool & Silk

W Collection Trad Jan Kath

W Innovation Zollanvari