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COVER’s readers are invited to the opening tomorrow of Take Off Your Shoes and Open Your Eyes – a collaboration between Alberto Levi Gallery and Idarica Gazzoni (see COVER magazine Summer 2012). Contemporary carpets from Alberto Levi will be displayed in fantasy room settings enhanced by selections from Gazzoni’s Arjumand textile collections. (cont)

Idarica invite

Each designer is inspired by similar source material. Overdyed recycled silk sari hand knotted rugs from the Aquasilk Collection sit alongside Gazzoni’s new collections including the Deco collection based on ivory and black patterns from Japan as well as the geometric abstractions of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann.

There are two sites to visit, each a short walk from the other. Alberto Levi Gallery at Via San Maurilio 24 and Spazio Arjumand at Via Santa Marta 11, a marvelous Renaissance courtyard. The opening is tomorrow 10.00 to 2000 hours and the exhibition continues until 15th April (1000-1900 hours). To attend tomorrow contact Carola Galliani. carola AT albertolevi DOT com.


The Olympics aren’t the only game in town. Savvy fans of Milan-based textile designer (and friend of COVER – see her profile in the Summer 2012 issue) Idarica Gazzoni played her summer 2012 game. She asked her website fans to vote for their favorite textiles from her Arjumand collection. The results are in, and if you were lucky enough to vote, you will receive a sample of one of the winning textiles in September. That’s what we at COVER call “going for gold” and winning!

The voting categories were “Warm”, “Cool” and “Neutral”.

“Warm” winners are Miao Beauty in linen, Beautiful Knot in Tussah silk, and Herringbone in linen.

The “Cool” winner is Herringbone in linen.

“Neutral” winner is Italy XVII in Tussah silk.

Herringbone won in two categories, and this perennial favorite deserves a line or two of description. Although the terms Herringbone and Chevron are often used interchangeably, they are two different patterns. The distinction is easy. Herringbone is staggered and Chevron is a joined up “zig zag”. Apartment Therapy has a good description of the two using parquet floors as the case study. The chevron dates back thousands of years and is found in architecture, textiles and pottery. DJ