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Let’s go! Andiamo! Don’t miss COVER magazine’s Forza Tappeti: the Rug Revolution exhibition at the entrance to designjunction’s EDIT at La Pelota during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano. A selection of the designers featured in Forza Tappeti include Christopher Farr and CC-Tapis plus:

Shimmering Spring by Zollanvari

Shimmering Spring by Zollanvari


Grace by Tissage


Alasht by Edelgrund

Fish Scales by Deirdre Dyson

Fish Scales by Deirdre Dyson


Announced Sunday at DOMOTEX 2013, we congratulate the winners of the international 2013 Carpet Design Awards:

W Studio Deirdre Dyson

W Mod Standard Choudhary

W Mod Superior Wool & Silk

W Mod Deluxe Teppiche

W Trad Nomad WW

W Trad Workshop Amadi

W Old Antique Mollaian

W Collection Wool & Silk

W Collection Trad Jan Kath

W Innovation Zollanvari

Fanfare Aaron Copland style please. It’s time for your scribe’s roll call of favourite carpets, rugs and textiles from Decorex International 2012. (In no particular order.)

We Are Front “exceptional rugs” will be opening their London showroom in Spring 2013. At Decorex the Front stand presented rugs by Jan Kath – the rock royalty of rugs. (Your scribe’s colleague blogged yesterday about the opening of the new Jan Kath showroom at Wilhelmstr.8b next to Heusteigstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany). Front represent Jan Kath and others including Michaela Schleypen who was the first designer to “rug sculpt” with Swarovski crystals embedded in the weave.

Jan Kath carpet at Front stand, Decorex International 2012, London

Jan Kath carpet at Front stand, Decorex International 2012, London

“Tincture of violet” is how your scribe describes the delicate colour in Luke Irwin’s heartbreakingly beautiful pure silk “Dragon” rug. Viola odorata is known for its healing power, and your scribe can quite imagine the rug captures similar qualities that will transfer to whoever is fortunate enough to own one. “Dragon” is part of Luke Irwin’s new “Occam’s Razor” collection, and given the Occam principle is about “succinctness” and “economy”, your scribe can tell you the principle also encapsulates the idea of “editing” a design and its materials in order to capture the essence of the idea. “Dragon” does so in flawless style.

Dragon by Luke Irwin at Decorex International 2012, London

2012 sees the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. Asked in the film Goldfinger,”What do you know about gold?”, Bond replies “I know it when I see it”, and your scribe feels the same when spotting carpets designed by artists. A singular artist who translates her inimitable eye for design, colour and quality to her rugs is Deidre Dyson. Her wool and silk “Daisy” rug speaks for itself.

Daisy rug by Deirdre Dyson at Decorex International 2012

Aram’s stand included new throws from Wallace Sewell. Woven in Lancashire, your scribe needed to enrobe herself in one, as the COVER stand got quite chilly on occasion. An Arketipo tufted sofa makes a perfect backdrop.

Wallace Sewell throw displayed against Windsor sofa by Arkitipo on the Aram stand at Decorex International 2012.

Veedon Fleece always astound your scribe with their designs. Your scribe sensed a subtle Imperial China theme throughout Decorex 2012, and Veedon Fleece captures this with the central silk rug in this composition, entitled “Peony”. The fragrant Paeonia suffruticosa 牡丹 is a national floral symbol in China and was declared a national flower by the Qing Dynasty.

Peony by Veedon Fleece at Decorex International 2012

So subtle is the surface design in Tania Johnson Design’s new “Water” collection, your scribe chose to hone in and capture a detail. These glorious designs deserve closer inspection. Your scribe and Ms Johnson shared a wry laugh at the show as we both love hot US summers, and we’ve been dismayed by just how much real water has drenched Decorex this year. All the more reason for you to select your favourite Tania Johnson “Water” rug, clutch your mug of hot tea, and sink your toes into a warm “bath” of TJD carpet.

“Water” collection by Tania Johnson Design at Decorex International 2012

Ultimate only in blog post order, but supreme in every other respect, your scribe ends with the new “Ombre & Lumière” collection by Les Ateliers Pinton. There is so much to say about this collection designed by Ulrika Liljedahl, your scribe has decided to devote a separate post tomorrow to the collection. Here though, is a closing taster image of several from the collection. DJ

Ateliers Pinton Ombre & Lumière collection at Decorex International 2012

The COVER stand is located next to the necessaries, but your scribe quickly discovered this is no negative, but rather makes for a primo location. Sooner or later everyone crosses in front of the COVER stand at which point they are ensnared by your scribe’s silky subscription sales pitch.

Your scribe noted quite a few women at the fair wearing Pantone’s 2012 colour of the year “Tangerine Tango”, mainly as tights. This attendee propped herself against the COVER stand where she blended quite nicely with our magazine.

Decorex wouldn’t be Decorex without seeing Chelsea Pensioners looking elegant and smart in their wonderful red coats,

Your scribe is a Scotland fan, so when a lovely super stylish flame haired editor from Homes & Interiors Scotland magazine stopped by the COVER stand, she was a siren luring your scribe to their stand to take out a subscription. Cleverly, they are aiding their subscription drive by plying punters with chocolates by Iain Burnett, the Highland Chocolatier. Your scribe sampled Garden Mint, Lemongrass and Raspberry Truffles. Yum!

The prize for most unusual stand at Decorex surely must be awarded to Andrew Martin. Your scribe is a Battlestar Galactica fan, so the SciFi theme derived from Andrew Martin’s set designs for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, drew your scribe in. The man himself gave your scribe a tour of the stand. And very nice he is too.

Before heading back to the COVER pitch, your scribe visited the stands of three of COVER’s friends. Deirdre Dyson , Tania Johnson, and Ateliers Pinton. More on our friends in upcoming blog posts. DJ

Think Olympink. Yes, inspired by the colours of the fractured Olympic 2012 logo, pink has been declared the navy blue of the Olympics (to paraphrase Vogue magazine impresario Diana Vreeland‘s 1962 colour declaration.)

We at COVER do believe it’s possible to wear head to toe pink and not look like a waitress at the Hello Kitty Cafe, but our interest is pink carpets, and our favourite is “Bubblegum” by COVER friend, London designer Deirdre Dyson.

Diana Vreeland would approve. The floating dollops of pink delight hover over an inky navy blue ground. Sublime. And if “Bubblegum” isn’t the Dubble Bubble Olympink you hanker after, the pink and red of Dyson’s “Romance” will satisfy your sweet tooth. DJ