Pêcheurs de lune is the evocative and romantic French term for finding treasure at les puces, the French flea markets where “moon fishers” or “moon fishermen” trawl the bottom of the les puces equivalent of the Mariana Trench hoping to haul up undiscovered treasure.

Your scribe was fishing this weekend and pulled up treasure for COVER’s loyal readers. Now admittedly, Somerville Scott & Company are not unknown. They have a fierce and loyal following. But your scribe is laying out her haul for those readers who may be unfamiliar with these beauties. Feast on these. Tartar sauce not necessary. (And be sure to click to view them in larger format.)

Hand-knotted, 100% silk Basho (above) has Japanese influence (and your scribe also spies a bit of Paul Poiret’s Atelier Martine) but in keeping with the idea of sea treasure, your scribe sees languorous fronds of seaweed with eye-like “pods” floating free of their stalks at the bottom of the mystical Sargasso Sea. Just out of view is a mermaid with a basketfull of pods for her tea.

Your scribe invites COVER’s readers to make their own associations for the rest of Somerville & Scott’s beauties below. DJ