Goooooold! crow the headlines on most British newspapers this morning following Olympic victories yesterday. COVER celebrates all Olympians with the luxe, luxurious and resplendent “Golden” textile collection designed by Sally Sirkin Lewis for California-based luxury furnishings company J Robert Scott, who are also in a celebratory mood as 2012 is their fortieth anniversary. Cheers! one and all!

Capri Stripe Chenille Tattersall

The company website describes the collection as “sharing the sunlit qualities and golden hues that evoke a Californian dream. Realized in rich, natural hand-woven silk, silk mohair, wool-cashmere and silk blends, and a cut velvet of silk and cotton”. Your scribe hails from that part of the world and the description is no hyperbole – these textiles do capture California’s perennial golden glow.

Argonne Cut Velvet with Fringe

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Damask & Bamboo

It’s no surprise several textiles in the Golden collection are also inspired by Gustav Klimt. The lovers in The Kiss – Klimt’s most famous work – are enrobed in their private glowing gold universe. Their heads, an arm and a foot are visible, but the mantle shields their world from prying eyes. Your scribe has no chance of ever enjoying an Olympic gold moment. But enrobing herself in a textile from the Golden Collection? Now there’s a possibility! DJ

Couture Klimt Laine Sheer Rough Texture Silk

Klimt Couture Punjab