Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do. So said David Bowie, and we at COVER are inclined to agree. It’s wet, wet, wet and yes, a bit blue here at planet England, and there’s nothing we can do but wish ourselves aboard “Lunar Rocket” – the groovy spaceship featured as a repeat in a 1969 wallpaper designed by Eddie Squires and reprinted Summer 2012 by Warner Textile Archive for a 21st century audience.

“Lunar Rocket” joins seven more designs just released by Warner, whose patterns “can’t be pigeonholed” and it’s true. The seven new patterns have all been sourced from the Warner Archive and include lino and textile patterns spanning the 19th and 20th centuries reprinted as wallpaper. “Lunar Rocket” is joined by “Giraffes”, a 1939 Bruce Gibson print:

Stay tuned! More from the Warner Archive on Monday. DJ