Origin, organised by The UK’s Crafts Council, is one of London’s most visited craft fairs and is now timed to coincide with the London Design Festival at Old Spitalfields Market.

Abigail Brown‘s fabric birds were really delightful!

Textile bird by Abigail Brown, Origin

Anne Selby, Laura Slater, Etka Kaul and Margo Selby all showed some fabulous textiles. Anne Selby specialises in pleated scarf designs, Laura Slater had some striking screen-printed fabrics, Ekta Kaul’s fabrics are inspired by handwriting and weaver Margo Selby is now applying her beautiful textiles to highly desirable clothing such as shoes and jackets as well as lampshades, cushions, throws etc.

Pleated scarf, Anne Selby, Origin

Screnn-pribnted fabric from Architextiles Colelction, Laura Slater, Origin

Niskanen Short Jacket, Margo Selby, Origin

Rugs by Rachel Scott were something very different and rather interesting. Scott spins her wool, which is undyed and comes from the herds of freinds living on the Berkshire Downs, and then tapestry weaves the rugs on a upright wooden frame loom. She uses geometric designs in the different shades of brown that the undyed wool offers.

A Rachel Scott rug, Origin

Rachel Gornall makes contemporary textile artworks which explore colour, light and pattern for public and domestic space. She uses layered hand-dyed textile adorned with hand stitch.

Textile panel, Rachel Gornall, Origin

String Theory is a Canadian company which produces wearable and interior textiles with a strong focus on craft. The company’s designs were chosen by Liberty Buyer Michelle Alger to be included in the Liberty Selects display at Origin. For this part of the show Alger chose work to best illustrate the talent available.

Shawl by Strong Theory, Origin

Shawl by Strong Theory, Origin

Tine De Ruysser makes fascinating jewellery, interior products and wearable pieces using a combination of traditional and computer-based techniques.  Her latest jewellery work is made from bank notes.

Money jewellery, Tine de Ruysser, Origin

Skirt by Tine de Ruysser, Origin

Completely unique, Debbie Smyth‘s pin and thread drawings are not only for large displays on walls but can also be bought as small pieces.

Pin and thread drawing by Debbie Smyth, Origin

With over 24 years experience as a professional rug weaver Jason Collingwood is a regular at Origin. His geometric designs have adorned the homes and offices of thousands of clients across the globe. He is also a teacher and gives weaving classes in Devon, America and Australia.

Weaving by Jason Collingwood, Origin