Paris Design Week started yesterday! There are plenty of shows and events to see around the city, with many galleries holding art and design exhibitions.

Stepevi and the Austrian design studio Pudelskern present their new releases: Fragment and Patina – exclusive rugs with unique cuts, textures and weave. This is at 12 Boulevard Raspail, Saint-Germain.

At 32 rue du Roi de Sicile (les Halles/Marais), Portobello is presenting new collections designed by Rebecca Felcey and a selection of very fine fabrics.

Marina Life presents its latest finds: extraordinary dishware and flamboyant rugs at 34 rue Saint-Dominique, Saint-Germain.

Frédérique Morrel presents: ‘Apocalypse Before’, a skeletal, equestrian vision of an upcoming “collapstrophe”. Superconsumatron, or gluttony transformed into the art of shopping at Cité de la Mode et du Design, 34 quai d’Austerlitz.

At the same venue is Arzu Firuz with her vinyl rugs and accessories.