The Redeploy Rug by Rauser design studio in Austin, Texas, is made of wool that is stitched to create long pockets and make a pattern. These pockets are then stuffed with 100% wool Russian army blankets from the 1950s, which make the rug very comfortable to sit on and also very durable.

Redeploy Rug by Rauser

Redeploy Rug by Rauser

Redeploy Rug detail

Rauser’s Redeploy Dress is made of two German military jackets.

Redeploy Dress by Rauser

Once an aluminum medical supply chest, the Redeploy Box has several uses, as storage, seating, and table. The cushion is handmade out of 100% wool army surplus blankets while the legs and removable tray are powder coated steel.

The Redeploy Box by Rauser